Drink & Draw

Drink & Draw is back in Groningen! After years of absence, WEP organizes these drawing sessions (with drinks) again. Are you a drawing professional or a first timer? Everyone is welcome. Bring your pens, pencils, markers, crayons, brushes and join us! Every edition we invite a guest artist who can inspire us with a small display of their work.

Drink & Draw is not a new concept. It is organised all over the world. For example, in cities like Tallinn, Vienna, New York and Mexico City. It comes in different shapes and sizes, but one thing is crucial: coming together and drawing. The first three editions of Drink & Draw in WEP took place in 2013. Nine years later, we decided to bring it back with some small adjustments. For example: we invite a guest artist who can inspire and guide us and a local dj or musician selects music where you can listen (and draw) to.

Drink & Draw is curated and hosted by Kiki Kruisdijk and Julia de Jong .

Drink & Draw #1 #2 and #3 (2013)

Drink & Draw #4 (July 2022)
Drawings by Kamilė Česnavičiūtė

Drink & Draw #5 (October 2022)
Drawings by Bart Nijstad

Drink & Draw #6 (December 2022)
Drawings by Sanne Boekel

Drink & Draw #7 (February 2023)
Drawings by Mieke Fokkinga

Drink & Draw #8 (12 May 2023)
Drawings by Jelte van Lente

Drink & Draw #9 (13 October 2023)
Drawings by Marijke Klamer

Drink & Draw #10 (10 November 2023)
Edition at the University Museum

Drink & Draw #11 (8 December 2023)
Drawings by Hans Hoekstra

Drink & Draw #12 (1 March 2024)
Drawings by G.C. Heemskerk