SEEN #11

SEEN #11, curated by zot
Friday October 27, 20.00 – 23.00

WEP, van Leeuwenhoekstraat 44, Groningen
Free admission

We might drift, stammer, sway, or even lift our feet a bit from the ground. During this zot, hosted by WEP, it will probably be happening all, but we can’t be too sure as these artists haven’t shown themselves as much in this capacity. Nevertheless, we’re beyond excited to have them over!

Kim David Bots & Lyckle de Jong
In June this duo played for the first time in our favorite venue in Amsterdam, OCCII. We only saw a short video which blew us away, so we can only have high expectations of what’s coming. The description of said video: under the title Het Waardeoordeel a Kawai K1, a clarinet and samples from both the British and American versions of Dragons’ Den were used in this performance. We believe we also saw a clarinet.

Under the pseudonym Werkverkeer, Marcel Imthorn works with improvisation and a desire for form. Pulsing and swaying between Kraftwerk and Drexciya he was once asked whether you could dance to his music, to which he replied that ‘it was possible’. Inspiration comes from his environment in an intuitive and emotional way. He uses pop culture such as (live) music, installations, prints and booklets to tell stories about or comment on society.

Poster by Gijs Deddens