WEPHOST #3: ARCADE. Playground for art criticism

8 June 2023 | 17:30-20:30 | Free entrance

WEP, van Leeuwenhoekstraat 44, Groningen

Offered dinner break + drinks available at WEP bar.

Since our public entrance, we have been working on ARCADE’s manifesto and program. In 2023, ARCADE will produce a series of performative events for the WEPhost program to practically and playfully think about art, criticism, and anything in between or outside of their borders.

Come and join our first open session about the art of ‘manifestoing’ – an evening to experience and practice the frictions and ideas surrounding this form, whose century-old history does not extinguish its creative potential and turbulent meaning.

Artists of all countries, enter the ARCADE! 

(Equality Statement: ARCADE is against any form of discrimination and welcomes all people, especially those who do not align with the label of artist)

17:30 Opening: up-to-date ARCADE. Guesthouses & streams.

17:45 First act: Screening Manifesto (2015). A film by Julian Rosefeldt.

19:15 Food break

19:45 Second act: Manifestoing.  Playful settings for a collective discussion on the function of (making) manifestos.

ARCADE is a project initiated by Elisabetta Cuccaro, Maartje Terpstra, and Klaudija Ylaite. Currently, the collective has grown with the participation of Dinnis van Dijken. ARCADE is open to anyone interested in challenging the boundaries of art and criticism.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with WEP (voorzitter@stichtingwep.nl) or ARCADE (info.arcade.collective@gmail.com). 

Elisabetta Cuccaro (Italy, 1992) writes about art and collaborates with emergent artists. Creating new notions and schemes to describe herself and -beware- anything else is her passion, as much as whatever concerns the epistemologies of art. Her last text  After-Taste of Self-Help. Towards a Possible Theory of Exhibition researches exhibition-making as an art practice.

Maartje Terpstra is a Groningen based artist +/= activist +/= researcher. Working with words she experiments with the immaterial impact of artistic creation and experience. Maartje is a serious fool. She struggles with boundaries and messes with rules.

Klaudija Ylaite (Lithuania, 1997) is a multidisciplinary artist whose critical work focuses on avant-garde studies and the state of artist autonomy in neoliberal settings. She is currently working on her master’s degree in Arts, Cognition, and Criticism at the University of Groningen, and continuing studio-based artistic practices. In her visual language, Ylaite’s attention is directed at representing human conditions, particularly conceptions of birth and death through the mixing of various media.

Dinnis van Dijken (Netherlands, 1990) is a visual artist, writer, and art critic. He is interested in the role of art within society and works to blur and short-circuit the ways in which we perceive and understand art as it is today.

Photo: Samantha Pellarini