Summer Residency 2023

SUMMER RESIDENCY 2023: Sérgio Leitão

This summer, we are happy to invite Sérgio Leitão from Portugal for the very first WEP Summer Residency. Between July 8 and September 8, he will develop a site-specific project ‘THE HOLE IN MARS‘. The results will be shown on September 8, 9 & 10 at WEP.

Sérgio Leitão is an artist working at the intersection between visual, sound and performing arts. In his practice, spanning across sound, performance and mixed-media installations overlaying painting, sculpture and video, Sérgio addresses issues connected with the dissolution of the natural and the artificial, the impact of human actions in its multiple dimensions, or the multiples uses of language through written/spoken word and the wandering body, among other processual frameworks. Operating through an overlaying of historical avant-garde references and contemporary hybrid formalizations, his projects seek to explore links between different areas of knowledge, articulating images, sounds and objects in the construction of a singular poetic imaginary.

WEP Summer Residency is organised in collaboration with Biotoop Haren.

Image: Sergio Leitão