SEEN #12

SEEN #12: Lieve van Meegen & Karina Puuffin
Friday November 24, 20.00 – 23.00

WEP, van Leeuwenhoekstraat 44, Groningen
Free admission

Welcome to the uncharted waters of art, where two artistic forces intertwine, transcending the ordinary. Awakening from the deep a blubbering-symbiose arises. Soaking up and spitting out a new exploded rapture. Here, the canvases are not just surfaces but living, breathing organisms, evolving and reshaping with every stroke, forging a dialogue between organic and calculated, intentional and accidental, past and present, destruction and rebirth.

From fins to fingers and back to fins again. Lieve van Meegen (1994) aims to question, how can a human body be altered into deep-sea invertebrates? During the past three years of her practice, she has been making different series of paintings that deal with the notion of octobodies. This self- made term derives from a simple formula: two times two human’s arms and two times two human’s legs amount to a body of eight tentacles. This way two bodies slowly merge into a genderless, classless, representation of a more-then-human body, —an octopus. Website

Karina Puuffin’s (1997) practice focuses on the playful exploration of what a painting can be. This is reflected through experimenting with form and space, where the definitions of the art mediums start to merge. Puuffin fools around with the idea of “framing”. In Ukrainian the word “ramy” (frames) has a close connection to borders, boundaries and limits. This is often how she used to perceive art in her home country: conservatively defined, put in a box and regulated within established traditional values. The artist wants to see if she can blur out these fixed concepts of frames: in a literal sense as well as in definitions of art. Website

This is an edition of SEEN, a stage for (visual) art, music and everything in between. More info…